Best Steel For Kitchen Knives

There are so many knife steels available in the market and obviously, it is a difficult task to find the best steel for a kitchen knife. The question arises here as that why different steel is preferred rather than single-type steel. The reason behind this is that each steel type has different characteristics for performing different functions.

Each type of steel has various different features due to its composition and the way it is hardened. This makes some steel suitable and some unsuitable for some knives. One must know the basic needs and features of steel before selecting the best steel for a knife.  We have collected the best data that will help you to select the best steel for kitchen knives.

What Are The Best Steel For Knives (In General)?

The selection of the best steel for a knife is a tedious process to some extent.

Knife steels can be divided into three main classes; carbon steel, stainless steel, and steels which show qualities in between these two. Many hard and good quality steel has been manufactured these days.

Following are some top knife steels for knife making;

1. CrMoV Stainless Steel For Knives

The CrMoV series stainless steel types originated from America or China. These knives are budget friendly with high-quality features.  

CrMoV has high carbon content and it is wear-resistance stainless steel. The presence of high carbon content provides better edge retention and makes it easy to sharpen than other traditional stainless steel.

2. 1095 High Carbon

This 1095 high carbon does not contain any content of manganese. The blade is sturdy with high edge retention power. The knife made from such steel is used to cut frozen meat too. It is also good for meat cleavers with sharp-edged blades. The hardness of 1095 high carbon is 56 HRC. It is the favorite of butchers and chefs due to its swift cuts without any pressure. However, it is expensive to some extent but is best in my opinion.

3. Japanese VG-10 Steel For Knives

With the advent of VG-10 is highly durable steel for knives. This steel has an HRC of 60 with 0.2% vanadium, 0.5% manganese, 1% carbon, 1% molybdenum, 1.5% cobalt, and 15% chromium. It has good edge retention, easy to sharpen, and is rust-resistant. These knives are not dishwasher safe. V-Gold 10 is another name for this knife due to its unique properties and pattern.

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4. Spring Steel For Knives

The well-known spring steel for knife making and sword making is 5160. It is resistant to heat, easy to handle, cost-effective, and less precise. Spring steel is hardened steel with high carbon content. This steel can be heated and treated to a degree maximum of 63HRC hardness.

Spring steel is famous due to its durability and resistance. It is less susceptible to deformation. It does not contain any other content metals like chromium for rust and stain resistance.

5. Blue Paper / SteelAogami

Blue paper is the iconic name of Aogami used in Japanese. Blue paper steel is white paper steel with small amounts of wolfram, tungsten, and chrome. It is less traditional to some extent but has durable characteristics. The quality of the blade is good. The razor is highly sharp and the knife has three 63 HRC.

6. Damascus Steel

This Damascus steel stems in Syria and is made with many layers of steel wootz.

The forgers and makers made this steel by heating and welding 100 to 200 layers of steel. It will make the renowned design. It has unique and attractive. These knives will add decoration to your kitchen with less exceptional features.

The Best Steel For Different Knives

The following are the best steel for different knife types;

1. The Best Steel For Chef Knife Blades

The best steel for chef knives is high-carbon stainless steel (VG-10). It is stain and corrosion-resistant with high edge retention. It is easy to sharpen.

In the hot and humid environment of the kitchen, there are chances of steel corrosion. So, highly corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant knives are recommended.

If you want to buy the best Chef Knife under 50$, must read this guide.

2. Best Steel For Japanese Knives

Japanese knives are made for a specific purpose and precise cuts in the kitchen. They are used to make Japanese cuisine for an amazing presentation. Japanese knives are made up of high-carbon steel. It has a sharp edge and can be hardened easily. Another best steel for Japanese knives is Blue Paper steel but it is a little bit expensive. It has all characteristics required for a good knife steel.  

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3. Best Steel For A Hunting Knife

A hunting knife is used for skinning animals, and hunting and is multi-purpose. It is similar to a Bushcraft knife. These activities require knife steel with high edge retention, durability, strength, and resistance to wear and tear. The choice of steel for this knife is personal but good retention power is recommended.

4. Best Steel For Pocket (Folding) Knife

Pocket folding knives are mostly kept in the pocket for routine tasks like peeling oranges, cutting fruits, cutting rope, slicing fruits, dicing a tomato, and some other purpose. It uses good-quality steel.

5. Best Steel For An EDC Knife

An EDC knife might be a pocket or survival knife based on the requirements.  

When used as a pocket knife EDC knife uses stainless steel such as CPM S30V. On the other hand for a survival knife, O1-Tool steel is the best choice. These types of steel are durable and reliable due to their unique features for EDC blades.

6. Best Steel For A Bowie Knife

A Bowie knife is a good survival knife with a high edge retention power. It comes with a large blade and can be used for anything. It is made from CPM 3V steel with high durability and resistance to wear is the best steel for a Bowie knife. Other less expensive and good steels for such knives are 1095, Tool steel, and 5160 spring steel.

7. Best Steel For A Fillet Knife

The best steel for a fillet knife is the stainless steel CPM S30V.  It fulfills all the requirements of a good knife steel. The blades are thin and flexible and require high sharpness. It is corrosion-resistant and is used in a wet environment. A knife can reduce the waste during filleting fish.

Recommendations to Choose the Best Steel for Your Chef’s Knife

In order to select the best steel for a knife one must keep the following things in mind;

  • Budget:
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A stainless steel of range $20-$50 is the best choice for a beginner. A beginner must practice with an inexpensive knife.

  • Experience level:

For a better chef knife experience you must try a better choice. A superior knife like Shun and Wusthof will be the best choice.

  • Desire to learn:

If you are an experienced cook, you have had the desire to learn and use the best quality knife. So, for a better experience keep sharpening your knife on your own. However, the choice of knife is different for different people.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can a Carbon Steel Blade can be prevented from Rusting?

Rusting of iron cannot be prevented. However, the process can be delayed. The life of steel can be enhanced by using corrosion-resistant steel. Washing the knives carefully and completely will prevent the early rusting of iron.

2. Which Metal Is Strongest For A Knife?

Tungsten steel is the best, strongest, and most durable knife. It has shortcomings that it is difficult to sharpen and expensive.

3. What are the Characteristics of a Good Steel Kitchen Knife?

The following are some characteristics of a good steel kitchen knife;

  • High corrosion resistance.
  • Edge retention.
  • An extreme hardness level.
  • Toughness level.

4. What Is The Most Popular Steel for Knife Making?

There are many types of steel for making knives but the most popular carbon steel is 1095. It is easy to use and has good features. It can be sharpened easily.

5. What Is The Sharpest Steel For Knives?

Japanese high-carbon steel is the excellent and sharpest steel for knives.


There are many choices available in the market for knife steel. It is difficult to choose the best among them. The choice mainly depends on the price, availability, quality, characteristics, budget, and durability. While selecting the best steel knife one must consider all these features. The best performance depends on excellent steel.  

We tried our best to provide the appropriate list of the best steel for kitchen knives which may help you to purchase the best knives steel. Although there are many options in the market, we highly recommend the best steel knives mentioned above for a better experience.

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